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Public Art Map

Arelious Walker Stairway

Ocean View Branch Library

Mother and Child Arch

16th Ave & Moraga Tiled Steps

Tonantsin Renace

Ping Yuen Housing Project


Hidden Garden Steps

Balboa Streetscape

Playthings of the Wind


Daniel Webster School

Cesar Chavez Park

Redwood City Fountain

Click on locations for more details

Thank you for seeking out and visiting my public art venues!


Please bear in mind that these are NEIGHBORHOODS, that people LIVE HERE, and that they do not appreciate:

-Cars blocking their driveways
-Loud talking or music late at night
-Trash thrown on the ground
-Inconsiderate behavior of any kind

We would like to promote the idea that public art is an asset, not a liability, for any community. Thanks for your help!

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